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Sampling Services

Sampling Agency of Record / Multi-Project Management Services

  • The Sampling Store is unique in the industry because of our sister division, CoOptions Shopper Marketing, allowing us to both bring strategic thinking and provide end-to-end solutions to each project.

    We provide printing, packaging, over-wrapping and fulfillment / shipping services to optimize your budgets, streamline projects and save you time and money.

    For companies that have large sampling needs with multiple executions, we also provide full program management services as your “sampling agency of record,” even negotiating and handling executions with other sampling companies, and often saving you on those.

Production & Fulfillment Services

  • For more than 35 years, IPI has provided promotion packaging services to companies ranging in size from multi-national Fortune 500 companies to smaller regional businesses.

    IPI is uniquely suited to cater to a price-sensitive promotions industry that relies on innovation, flexibility and efficiency in order to be successful.

    For nearly 20 years, IPI has been more than a vendor to Co-Options’ for printing, overwrapping and fulfillment services, they have become our trusted partner and a key part of our supply chain.

    Centrally located in Minneapolis, IPI is ideal for staging and shipping and IPI also serves as our mid-west fulfillment and shipping center.

    If your sample requires overwrapping, packaging, sealing or fulfillment, let us quote with IPI to provide cost-efficient, end-to-end solutions for your sampling programs, usually saving you significant expenditure on both overwrapping as well as shipping finished product to our facility.

Custom Venue Development

  • Some of our clients want something very specific, a venue or touchpoint developed just for them.

    Sometimes venue development is focused on one specific program; whereas other times networks are developed for a project but become part of our own portfolio of offerings.

    An example of the former was our PowerBar® Harvest® campaign and the development of Jamba Juice as a host touchpoint.

    An example of the latter was our Playtex Sport® campaign at college campus sports & fitness centers, which became the basis for our development of the Campus Sports & Fitness Network of 600+ colleges.

Sampling Compliance

  • Sampling compliance is at the top of our list for every co-op and custom project, for which we deploy multiple measures. Compliance measures vary by touchpoint and can include some or all of the following:

  • Multiple pre-program communications and         executional field guides

  • UPS ground transit shipping confirmations

  • Compliance call checks to 10% of all venues; escalated if any issues identified

  • Venue research with compliance submission incentives

  • Opt-in consumer research to validate distribution spreads and other compliance measures

  • Program hotline for touchpoint accessibility

  • Live intercepts and photo journalizing

  • Use of Juster Scale metric for purchase intent and optional longitudinal research to validate

  • Other compliance tactics specific to special needs of clients and venues

Consumer Research

  • Consumer research to generate insights is something of which we are passionate. Every custom project and co-op program has this baked in.

    Consumer research is opt-in through secure online servers and consumers are incented with modest cash rewards to drive participation.

    Typically the first 100 to 500 respondents fully completing a survey receive $5 to $10, depending on the goal, but we often get double or better our target after the incentives deplete.

  • Surveys include age and receipt check questions, the latter which asks a question about the sample or materials they received (to eliminate word of mouth driven entries to surveys that did not receive samples).

    Occasionally for large studies, we don’t include the receipt check question to create a control group and compare with sample recipient responses in our analysis.

    We also provide opt-in longitudinal research (additional cost) to re-survey half of the respondent base to both validate Juster Scale based purchase intent reporting and track actual purchase behavior for conversion.

    Surveys can include basic brand appeal and multi-attribute questions, competitive usage, purchase behavior, retail preferences and others (as well as a battery of demographic questions of course).

    At the conclusion of all projects and programs, The Sampling Store provides a recap and research analysis with insights and recommendations.

Opt-In vs. Opt-Out

  • Many ask us to explain the difference between opt-in and opt-out for touchpoints conducting a sampling program, and why some of our venues and networks operate differently. The simple answer is that we require opt-in for our networks that are sensitive to types of samples they wish to distribute.

    An example of one of our networks that require opt-in is our Yoga & Pilates Network as attitudes towards the type of sample acceptance varies widely within the network based on a variety of product factors (e.g., Natural, Organic, no animal testing, company that produces the sample makes another product they do not like, etc.).

  • On the other side of the equation are networks where we maintain active membership and participate in other activities on a regular basis over the course of many years.

    These have embraced sampling and agreed to distribute a wide variety of samples consistently through many programs, needing as members only to have the opportunity to “opt-out” of programs they do not wish to distribute in advance.

    An example of this is the HealthMonitor® Network, 300,000 physicians most of which are long-term members of the network and receive publications every two months for many years.

    For these types of member networks, they just want to have the opportunity to reject a sample on occasion if not a fit. Our opt-out rates for these types of networks are low, typically below 1%.