Engage up to 65MM airline passengers at 103 major domestic airports per month in 1,000+ Paradies travel essential branded stores (TripAdvisor, CNBC, Today, Relay, 7 Eleven, and Univision), plus another 1,200 other braded stores nationwide. Air passengers will try your hand-delivered samples in the terminal, during their flights, or at their destinations (depending upon product usage occasion and utility), spending quality time with your brand. Sampling in the Airport Store Network™ is the perfect way to engage airline travelers en masse, when they are receptive to new experiences.


  • Air passengers by age: 18-34: 33.9% / 35-54: 34.7% / 55+: 31.4%
  • Gender: 60% male / 40% Female
  • HH Income: 50% of air travelers have $100,000 income
  • Travel purpose: 29% Business / 71% Personal

Locations / Reach / Inclusions:

  • Up to 65MM samples per month nationally
  • 103 major airports (by region, DMA, or airport) with 2,200+ stores (1,000+ Paradies and 1,200 other branded stores nationwide)
  • NY Metro train station stores also available (up to 3.6MM samples per month)
  • 4 Canadian airports also available (up to 1MM Samples per month)

Signage & Consumer Research:

  • Counter tent cards to encourage travelers to try your sample and tell brand narrative
  • Optional dedicated consumer core and conversion dual research (recommended)
  • Optional counter easel card w/ tear pad or QR code for survey

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