Forge relationships with FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS at HIGH INTENSITY cross-training gyms nationwide


Cross-training is an immensely popular fitness regimen, with more than 7,000 gyms nationwide. High intensity and often competitive, cross-training gyms are workout “communities” of people sharing common interests and goals. CoOptions developed its Cross-Training Gym Sampling Network of individual boutigue gyms nationwide to provide a conduit for brands to tap this powerful on-trend lifestyle of empowered fitness enthusiasts.

CrossTraining is a workout regimen / routine that involves several different types of exercise that work multiple muscle groups, improves agility, and makes it easier to participate in a variety of recreational sports. The goal is improving overall performance and takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of one training method to negate the shortcomings of another. Our Cross-Training Gym Network™ focuses on gyms that appeal to cross-training gym members that seek a more intense, elevated experience, many of which active in participatory sports.



  • Fitness enthusiasts 18 – 55, heavily skewed 25 – 34.
  • Evenly split male / female.
  • Upscale, more than half with family HH income of more than $150,000.


  • 7,000+ gyms nationwide.
  • Average of 200 members / gym.
  • Multiple cross-training brands and locations in our expanded network.

Product Sample Distribution:

  • Hand-distributed at check-in or after session and display / product location in main area.

Signage & Consumer Research Included:

  • Tent card encouraging members to try your sample, provided to each gym.
  • Optional counter card w/tear pad invitation and dedicated consumer depth brand research.