Sample In-Store in/on a complementary product to drive powerful Shopper Trial

Putting your product sample on a complementary partner brand package gives you the power to:

  • Generate trial & conversion and new users from host brand shopper households loyalists
  • Secure secondary brand exposure around a shopper solution / usage occasion
  • Leverage incremental display activity
  • Drive cross-department traffic to your shelf


Cross-brand sampling includes some or all of the following:

  • In-pack tipped or overwrapped samples with accompanying themed promotional booklet (shared copy, brand coupons, joint recipes, optional sweeps/contests, seasonal tips / ideas, etc.)
  • On-package bursts with secondary brand exposure
  • Dedicated opt-in shopper depth research for insights to flow back to buyers at key accounts

Key Account Sales Leverage:

Coordination with sales teams (with supporting trade materials) at both brands for:

  • Incremental case buys at retailers to support promotion
  • Cross-aisle promotional presence
  • Individual brand and possible joint pitches to drive incremental display activity
  • Thematic linkage with seasonal, holiday, and other usage occasions to support existing retailer shopper initiatives

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