In partnership with Encompass Media Group, our Metro Commuter Network™ field team will deliver up to 900,000+ samples per day outside of New York City’s Grand Central Station and 26 other commuter rail market cities nationally (Northeast skew with 65% rail commuter volume). Busy commuters will engage with your brand during rush hour (morning or afternoon), samples hand-delivered by dedicated brand ambassadors wearing custom-branded shirts. If your brand aims to target urban professionals, the Metro Commuter Network is the ideal platform to drive trial among these mid-upscale consumers.


  • Gender: 53% Female / 47% Male
  • Ages: 16-24: 11.2% / 25-34: 30.8% / 35-44: 22.1% / 45-54: 17.9% / 55+: 18%
  • Median HH Income: $65,000+ (23.5% with a HH income of $100,000+)
  • Education: college / university degree

Locations / Reach / Inclusions:

  • Up to 900+ samples per day in top 27 rail commuter markets
  • Heavily skewed to Northeast (64.7% New York, Southern CT, Northern NJ, Philadelphia; 8.5% Boston/Worcester/Providence; and 12.9% Chicago)

Signage & Consumer Research:

  • Counter tent cards to encourage commuters to try your sample and tell brand narrative
  • Optional dedicated consumer core and conversion dual research
  • Optional counter easel card w/ tear pad for coupon or survey invitation

View and Download this program brief here.