RETAILER SURROUND™ Geo-mapping capabilities

The Sampling Store provides professional geo-location mapping services for clients seeking to tie their sampling initiatives to specific retailer account(s), allowing their sales teams to leverage their sampling with buyers to drive incremental volume sells and display activity. For retailers, this translates to local foot traffic into the stores and increased velocities and shelf conversion of your brand.

On request, we will geo-map and select sampling venue locations within “X” miles of one or more of your key retail account(s) store locations. We maintain a custom database of store locations for most major U.S. grocer, mass, club, and chain drug retail chains. By integrating that data with our own latitude / longitude venue data, we are able to identify and select mapped locations as a Cartigraphica™ (used by government and academia) licensed firm. Our geo-mapping services are provided at no additional cost.

If you want to fully engage with a key retailer, we can also customize venue materials for your sampling project to include that retailer logo (by retailer permission of course), along with account-specific coupons, copy, or offers.