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Through strategic/proprietary alliances with owners and managers of leading Hispanic supermarkets, we are able to offer a NEW & UNIQUE opportunity to reach Hispanic consumers at key in-store touch points.  This is the only way to come face-to-face with these shoppers. Key “In-Store Touch Points” can often be the aisle where the brand/product can be found or other highly trafficked in-store locations. Our trained/experienced on-site Brand Ambassadors execute and monitor the hand-to-hand distribution of samples to in-store shoppers. These Brand Ambassadors have the full authorization, approval and support of the storeowners and their managers.


More than 1,000 stores with 3 million weekly  shoppers. Locations can be selected by geography or store chain in:

  • Greater NYC Area (parts of NY, CT, PA)
  • Florida (Southeastern Markets & Tampa)
  • Texas (entire state, all markets)

Key Demographics:

  • Gender:  84% + Female
  • Age range:  25 – 55
  • Children at Home:  87%
  • Extended Family Households:  94%

Key Lifestyle Attributes:

  • Value-oriented, smart/efficient shoppers.
  • Social and highly communicative with friends, family members and other shoppers about what’s new, what they should try and what they recently tried and liked.
  • Highly receptive to in-store promotions and sampling.

Product Sample Distribution:

  • Sample distribution in-store at POS in a comfortable and trusted environment.
  • Sampling by trained Brand Ambassadors, who are members of the community and fluent in Spanish.
  • Implied community/store endorsement.

Key Program Features:

  • Unfettered access to Hispanic shoppers and their immediate and extended families at stores located in high-density Hispanic communities.
  • Our Brand Ambassadors know and understand the communities in which they work and are fluent in Spanish.
  • Inventory and status updates are provided on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Validation and Compliance reports and photos of sample distribution are available at the end of the promotion.
  • Product exclusivity.

Samples and promotional materials for all programs must be submitted for approval.