Deliver Up to 500,000 Samples to MOMS During Spring Holiday Season

If you have a sampling objective to reach moms w/kids under 10 yrs. in an experiential and unforgettable event context, we’re ready to “hop on it” with a quick & perfect solution.

During the 3 weeks preceding Easter Sunday, we’ll hand-deliver up to 500M samples (or coupons, recipe guides, etc.) at Simon’s annual Easter season mall event—the Easter Village & Photo Experience.

Sampling at this fully integrated promotional event, supported by $1 MM in marketing / media with more than 590 million impressions, giving you turn-key, experiential delivery of your samples…for as little as 12¢ per sample with coupon.

Program Window: Pre-Easter each year.

Markets: National 140+ Malls in 39 states and 67 DMA’s.

Target Audience: Parents (primarily moms) with children 10 and under.

Attendance: Approx. 550M kids and 700M parents (sampling volume 500M to provide one sample per family).

Signage & Research Included: Dedicated microsite with 3rd party brand research included at no additional cost. Onsite sign and mall flyers designed, printed and displayed for brand.